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Welcome 9/7/2011

The Leaking UST Footprint Calculator estimates and compares the greenhouse gas emissions for the five most common remediation technologies used at contaminated underground storage tank sites in California. Results are normalized to short-tons of CO2 emissions. One short-ton is equal to 2,000 pounds. The calculator is pre-populated with average values collected from real leaking UST sites across California. You can use these average values, select a design scenario, or customize inputs to fit the conditions at your site.

The calculator is meant to help cleanup professionals and stakeholders better understand the greenhouse gas emissions of common technologies. It provides a breakdown of where emissions come from and where they can be reduced for remedy optimization.

Sullivan International Group, Inc. designed and built this website with input and funding from the U.S. EPA and the California State Water Resources Control Board. It is a BETA release. Input is welcome. Please submit your comments and suggestions about the Calculator methodology via the “Contact Us” link. If something is not working on the website, use the “Report a Bug” link.
Remediation Technologies
Soil Excavation Soil Vapor Extraction Pump and Treat Multi-Phase Extraction Monitored Natural Attenuation